Setting up the JIRA Installation.

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As in earlier tutorial we have seen the steps for the installation JIRA. Now we will see how to configure it for use. Follow the below steps~

Step 1 ) First of all, we have to start the tomcat service so that jira can be initiated.

write the following command:

1) Open a DOS prompt.

2) Move to the JIRA Standalone directory, and then the bin sub directory. E.g C:Program FilesAtlassianJIRA 4.1.2bin.

3) Set the JAVA_HOME variable to the JDK base directory, check with echo %JAVA_HOME%.

4) Run the following command:~

Run CmdLine

Step 2 ) Once this is done, you are ready to start with Jira for this, you have to first start the service so that Jira can be loaded. To start the service you can go to the start menu and start it~

Start The Service

Or you can manually do this by starting the tomcat service. This can be done by navigating to~ Atlassian -> JIRA 4.1.2 ->bin -> tomcat6.exe. Once you run this file you can see the status in the command window that will show you each of the background services jira needs to be started. You can see something like~

On Command Prompt

Also something like this~

Start-up of Jira

At this stage the jira is started and you can access it using the ~


This address may vary if you choose another port may be : 8081 8082…

Each time you need to use this, you have to start and stop the service. At this stage you are ready to use your issue tracker.

But Still if you are doing this first time then few more settings are needed to be done. That we will discuss in next tutorial.

Hope this works.



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