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This is another tutorial for Jira followers. All those who deals with jira, may have come across the situation where you have to perform the changes on number of issues. It is fine when you have to perform different changes on each issue. But in case you have say 300 issues and you just have to change the assignee for this, and the issue should be assigned to a single assignee. So, how will you do this by doing it each time for each issue. Thats very boring i guess. Rather we can use the functionality provided by jira itself, i.e. Bulk Change issues.

For performing the bulk change operation you must have the access over that particular project to make the changes and the most importantly you must be the jira administrator. With this, the user can perform bulk change operation to perform either Move, Edit, Transition or Delete the issues. Each of this operation needs different access rights i.e. to perform Delete operation you need Delete permission on that particular project, similar with other three operations.

Here, you can see that the user only has Delete rights so he cannot perform other operations. However, a user can have all the rights at a time, i.e. a single user can perform any of the four operations provided he has the rights to do so.

To perform the bulk change operations, first of all find the issues from the particular project. You can filter your search by providing particulars for the search such as- issue type, assignee, reporter, locations, created before/after, etc. once you are finished with searching, you will be shown the number of issues according to your search. Lets check it.

Now, you can see that, there are 14 issues on which we can perform the bulk change operation. For this click on the Bulk Change: all 14 issues link. Then a new window will appear, it will ask you to select the issues you want to make changes in, if you select first check box then all the issues will be selected.

If everything is fine then click Next. Once you clicked next button another window will open. It will ask you to choose which operation you want to perform. Here you can see that user has only rights to perform three operations. Let us do the Delete operation.

Once you have selected the operation to perform, another screen will open which will ask you whether to allow the notifications to be sent when the operation is completed or not. The best practice is to deselect this box, since for each issue the notification will be sent each time. This must not happen hence notifications must not be sent.

However, the operation screen will change with the operation performing. For example, if we select Edit operation then it will open the edit window to make changes. Since here we are just deleting the issues there is no such window.

And you can also move to the previous step by clicking the tabs on the left sid

Now, another screen will appear, that will ask for the confirmation to proceed. It will show that you have not selected to sent the notification.

Once you confirmed, it will start the operation to delete.

In this way you can perform the bulk operations in Jira with the jira-issues.

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  1. one of the best way to solve the problem while changing the jira issue. this is really helpful and time saving.
    good work. waiting for your another posts.

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