Creating Workflow In JIRA.

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This is another blog related to Jira. All those who have knowledge about Jira, may have heard about the Workflow. Workflow defines the lifecycle of any issue through which transitions and steps through which the issue has to flow. The workflow specifies the following features-

* What are the available actions for the user at the particular step.

* Which user or Group of user can access this step/action.

* Functions / conditions that are executed after completion of the particular step.

* Functions / conditions that are executed after completion of the workflow (e.g. after close).

These work flows are assigned to Workflow Schemes and these schemes are further associated with the projects. Once associated with any project the workflow is said to be “Active“. And note that the active workflow cannot be edited. The Workflow can be easily understood graphically juat like any flow diagram, but there is no relation among them. Let us consider the following diagram.

Now we will create a jira workflow that will define the above flow diagram.

Step 1) Now login as jira Admin. Go to the Administration tab and there you will see the admin panel at leftside of the window. There in right panel goto -> Global Settings ->Workflows.

Step 2) When you click the workflow link, one new page will open. This page will show all the previously created workflow (if they were created) or else there will be atleast one default jira workflow. And at the bottom of the [page there will be a small window to create new workflow.

Step 3) Once you click on Add button a new page will open. This will show all the workflows (if available) along with jira default WF and the recently created WF. There is some information regarding the WF. Some of that is focused in the below screen.

As you can see there is already one step in the WF we’ve just created. To add the steps and configure the WF click on the Steps link. As I told earlier we can add/delete the steps in the inactive workflow only.

Step 4) When you click the Steps link, another window will open. This will allow you to add new Step to the workflow. Linked status determines the status of the issue when the issue has finished that transition step.

For e.g. if I am the Assignee and I have started the progress of the issue by clicking the “Start Progress” step then the status of the issue will be “In Progress”.

Similarly we can add various steps in the WF.

Step 5) After adding all the steps and its linked statuses it will look something like this.

Now lets add the transition to the workflow steps. Transition defines the WF steps to flow in a particular manner. TO add the transition click on the Add Transition link.

Step 6) Once you click the link, a new window will open with different options. Transition name defines the name for the transition and Destination Step tells about on which step the issue will move after this action.

Step 7) Similarly, after adding all the transitions the WF may look like as shown.

Now you can see that the Start Progress step contains two transition actions i.e. when the issue is in Start Progress the user can perform two actions.

There can be any number of transitions action on a single Step. One thing should be kept in mind that, no matter how many steps and actions are there in the WF, but the WF must have one and only one step that ends all the steps and action. In this case Close step is the last step and hence there is no transition after this step.

In this way the workflow is created. Now check the Flow diagram and the WF, you8 may find that it is similar in the flow. But to implement the WF in any project we have to assign it to the Work Flow Scheme so that we can associate it with the project.

We can create various custom WFs that will have conditions and validators. Just wait for my next blog.

Hope this will help you.


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