RCP SWT export grid data

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This is one of my tutorials for people working with RCP, SWT, JFace to export grid data. It is very obvious to display data in a grid/tabular form. Most of the times, user wants to export the data which is being displayed so how to export grid data from the grid to an output file. This is not that tricky to achieve. Lets see how to export grid data from a TreeViewer grid to the console. You can replace the console output to be dumped in any output file as per your convenience and instead of TreeViewer you can use any grid type of JFace/SWT.

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Jadclipse decompiler plugin

This is one of the tutorials regarding¬†eclipse to integrate – java jadclipse decompiler plugin. Jadclipse provides a plugin for eclipse to decompile the class file on fly and show the content. There are many other ways to de compile the class file and to integrate this plugin with your IDE. You can also refer –¬†https://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/eclipse-class-decompiler. However not everytime and everywhere this may work. Lets see how to manually configure and integrate the jadclipse plugin in eclipse.

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Selenium Script to add users in JIRA.

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This is one of the tutorials for Jira users who can use the Selenium script as an automation for adding the users in jira and updating the groups of the users. As you may know, adding the users in jira is a manual effort, and is a kind of repetitive task, so its always a ease to automate the repetitive work. Selenium is the one of the best alternative for removing the repetitive actions.

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Selenium Script for Java using Eclipse.

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This is one of my tutorials regarding the use of Selenium IDE for testing and automation purpose. Most of the users who are in Testing field, they may know about this. But for those who are newbies, this will be a helpful tip. Selenium IDE is a Firefox add-on that allows the user to copy or record the actions one perform on the browser, it also allows the user to Playback the same multiple times. This is why it is used as the testing tools. It allows the user to generate a language specific code to run the tests with Selenium Remote Control. It itself is a vast topic, so we will be discussing it on short terms. For now, we will first learn how to use this tool for testing and automation. Continue reading “Selenium Script for Java using Eclipse.”

Maven Installation.

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This is one of my tutorial for installation of Maven on windows. Maven is a software project management tool. Based on the concept of a project object model (POM), Maven can manage a project’s build, reporting and documentation from a central piece of information. Maven is an open source community and is a part of the Apache Software Foundation. The following instructions will guide you how to install Maven on Windows:- First, download the compressed zip file for the installation. Since it is open source it is easily downloadable from the internet. Then follow the Continue reading “Maven Installation.”