About me

Hello friends my name is Nikhil Naoghare.

I am an Computer Engineer, I passed out my Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from Umrer College Of Engineering under RTM Nagpur University. I love adventure and sports, Cricket is closest to my heart, can do anything for it.

I am currently working as an Java/J2EE Developer and Technical Lead in Pune. I have 5+ years of experience in IT Industry and am here to share my views and experience with you all.

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This is my personal blog and for the first time i am doing so. I always wanted to have my own blog where I could share my knowledge and techniques with all of you and would also like to know your views on the same so that I can improve my blogging as per you opinions so please help me do that.

This interaction would allow me to connect with you and also enhance myself as an professional blogger. Hope to see more and more users on my blog. Please fell free to write me at below mentioned email addreses.

Thanks and Regards,

Nikhil Naoghare (admin@code2java.com/n.naoghare@gmail.com)

NOTE: Earlier the blogs were published under come2niks.com blog, which is no more active from my side.