Customized logo for wordpress blog

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This is one of my blog regarding Customized logo for wordpress blog. Most of us using WP for blogging purpose has to use some of the default screens for our blogs. One of this is using the login screen where the logo appearing is of Continue reading “Customized logo for wordpress blog”

Adding themes externally to WordPress via Cpanel.

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Here is one of the tutorials regarding wordpress themes. Most of us WP bloggers may see number of themes over here and there on web and want to use the same for our blogs too. So here is one of the way to use the theme for our own blog using the file up-loader in cpanel.

First of all, just download the theme of your choice and then unzip those files. Then check for the folder structure and create the exact folder structure in the wp-contents/themes folder in your cpanel. Continue reading “Adding themes externally to WordPress via Cpanel.”

Add your own Logo in WordPress Blog

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This post explains how to add your own logo in wordpress blog. WP is one of the popular thing among the bloggers. However, when we use WP for blogging it comes with some default settings and configurations, among them one of is to set the name or header. By default the header contains the name of the blog that we set in the dashboard settings. Continue reading “Add your own Logo in WordPress Blog”