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This post explains how to add your own logo in wordpress blog. WP is one of the popular thing among the bloggers. However, when we use WP for blogging it comes with some default settings and configurations, among them one of is to set the name or header. By default the header contains the name of the blog that we set in the dashboard settings.

However we can add our customized logo instead of displaying the site name or blog name. There are some settings and configurations needs to be changed in the existing WP code.

For doing so, one must be the administrator of the blog or must have the editing default settings rights. Once we are into wp-admin there goto the “Appearance” tab, under that click on the “Editor” link. Now the editor box will open in edit mode, there you can select the file to be edited an modified.

The file of our interest is the Header.php file, click on the file and search for the code snippet which we have to replace, the existing code will look something like:~

Just replace this code with the following:

Check the line no. 3 from the replaced code, here we have just replaced the blog name with the image url/source. This is the only changes we have to do, to show our logo on the site header. However the source of your logo image can be anything either from your uploaded folder of the blog or any other url or external link.

Hope this will help you.


Nikhil Naoghare

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