Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) Commands (Part-II).

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This is the part-2 for the WSR-commands tutorial. We have seen the general commands for WSR, now we will look upto the commands used for the dictation operation.

Dictation commands

Select that” “Unselect that” “Clear selection

Selects/unselects the unit(s) nearest the cursor [typically the last item(s) spoken]

Correct” “Correct that

Selects for correction the unit(s) nearest the cursor [typically the last item(s) spoken]

Spell that

Selects for spelling the unit(s) nearest the cursor [typically the last item(s) spoken]

Delete” or “Delete that

Undo” or “Undo that

These revert or reverse modifications or delete item(s)

Following are the number of commands that are used for selecting the text, they does differ with the number of texts or words. These are self explanatory and thus need not to explain explicitly

Select entire text

Select entire sentence

Select entire paragraph

Select entire document

Select the entire word

Here the reference point is taken from the cursor i.e. recognition of last or next or previous.

Select the last letter

Select the last character

Select the last word

Select the last sentence

Select the last paragraph

Select the next letter

Select the next character

Select the next word

Select the next sentence

Select the next paragraph

Select the previous letter

Select the previous character

Select the previous word

Select the previous sentence

Select the previous paragraph

In the following commands replace number with the digit. E.g. –  Select the last 10 characters.

Select the last [NUMBER] characters

Select the last [NUMBER] words

Select the last [NUMBER] sentences

Select the last [NUMBER] paragraphs

Select the next [NUMBER] letters

Select the next [NUMBER] characters

Select the next [NUMBER] words

Select the next [NUMBER] sentences

Select the next [NUMBER] paragraphs

Select the previous [NUMBER] letters

Select the previous [NUMBER] characters

Select the previous [NUMBER] words

Select the previous [NUMBER] sentences

Select the previous [NUMBER] paragraphs

Select [WORD(S)]” -> Select the number of words you spoke out. For e.g-> Select Nikhil Naoghare

Select the word [WORD]” -> Select the  word you spoke out. For e.g->Select Nikhil

Select [WORD] through [WORD]” -> Select the number of words you spoke out.

For e.g->Select Nik through Nikhil

Select [WORD] to [WORD]” -> Selects the exact word you spoke out.

Similarly you can replace the Select option with many such options as per your requirements. Following are the list of options you can replace with-

Delete e.g. “Delete (the) entire text”

Correct e.g. “Correct last word”

Spell e.g. “Spell (the) last word”

Add hyphens e.g. “Add hyphens to last word” or “Remove hyphens from that”

Following WSR commands are used to move to the specific part of the document. It moves the insertion point.

Move to the start/beginning/end of the sentence

Move to the start/ beginning/end of the paragraph

Move to the start/beginning/end of the document

Move to the start/beginning /end of the word

Move to the top” or “Move to the top of the document

Move to the top of the text

Move to the bottom” or “Move to the bottom of the document

Move to the bottom of the text

Here along with Move many other options can be used such as Go To

e.g.  Go to the beginning of the sentence.

Some other commands to Move-

Move back/forward [NUMBER] letter(s)

Move back/forward [NUMBER] character(s)

Move back/forward [NUMBER] word(s)

Move back/forward [NUMBER] sentence(s)

Move back/forward [NUMBER] paragraph(s)

Move up/down [NUMBER] letter(s)

Move up/down [NUMBER] character(s)

Move up/down [NUMBER] word(s)

Move up/down [NUMBER] sentence(s)

Move up/down [NUMBER] paragraph(s)

Move to the word [WORD]

Move before the word [WORD]

Move after the word [WORD]

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