How to move your Blog Posts from one blog to another.


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This is one of the tutorial for all the bloggers. you may have number of blogs or you may want to move the domain to a new one, then how would you move your current blog posts to the new domain or a new blog in wordpress.

WordPress allows you to do this with very simple steps. Following will guide you through this.

Step 1) Login to the wordpress blog and go to the site admin (Dashboard), where you can administer your blog. There you will see the Left Panel on the dashboard. In that search for the Tools tab, and enlarge it. It will show various options as follows.

Step 2) Now click on the export button to export the posts of your choice. There it will ask you for which posts you want to export i.e. All posts on the blogs or some particular posts posted by a specific author. Select the author you want and click on the Download button.

Step 3) Once you click the download link it will save the .xml file for you that contains all the data of your wordpress blog into a single object. You can now use this xml file to import all your posts, comments, media files etc to any of the wordpress blog.

Step 4) Now how to import? Its similar to export, go to Tools panel and click on Import. Once you click on Import a option panel will appear that will ask you for, what type of import to do. I suggest you to do the WordPress Import since it will import all the contents as it is with date and time.

Step 5) Once you click this option another window will appear that will ask you for the XML file that you downloaded while export. Or alternatively it may ask you for the link of the blog if you select to import from Blogger.

Step 6) Once you clicked the Upload and Import button, all the posts will be imported to your new blog with all the details including comments, tags, date and time.

This is really help ful.

Hope this works for you.



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