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This is one of the tutorials regarding the error occurred while navigating through the browser accessing the web pages.

Most of you use various browsers for browsing for example Firefox,IE or may be a Chrome browser. Sometimes while accessing some webpages you may come accross some Error saying “security protocol not compatible with the site’s certificate requires some registry software”. This is the most commonly seen problem when using Chrome and IE browser.

There is not much to worry about, this is only a small cache problem and does not require any specific registry software (as mentioned in the Error) to resolve this or TLS1.0 and SSL3.0 must be enable on the browsers to access some secured sites.

While accessing some secure pages on the web you may get this error on your browser something like this–
Error 107 (net::ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR): Unknown error.

This is because the browser would not allow you to access the Secure Sites because of SSL certificates or because of any other security reason.

Resolving this is very much simple. For this go to your Google Chrome options settings –> select Under the hood –> then check the Use SSL 2.0 option and restart the browser.

For IE, goto Tools –> Internet Options –> Advanced Tabs –>Select Use SSL and TLS –> Save this and restart the browser,

Once the browser is restart you can easily browse throug that pages again.

Hope this will work for you.


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