Collections in Java Part III : List

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This is part III for java collections tutorial. Earlier we have discussed regarding SET collection interface in part II. In this, we will be focusing on an interface that is used when the sequence of the elements needs to be maintained, yes that’s right its LIST interface.¬†List interface in Java Collection Framework also extends the base interface, Collection.¬† Continue reading “Collections in Java Part III : List”

Collections In Java.

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Welcome to another tutorial for java followers. You all may have heard about Collections, it is one of the amazing feature in java. Collections are the object for the group of elements, these elements are nothing but the different data structures like as Array Lists, Linked Lists, Vectors, Hash tables,Hash List, Trees, Hash maps etc. Collections are used to store, retrieve, update, delete and communicate the aggregate data i.e. data composed of a multitude or combination of other individual data. Collection represents the data items from a particular group and hence they are also called as “Container”. Continue reading “Collections In Java.”