Configuring the Jira Installation.

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This is in continuation of the previous two tutorials regarding jira installation. We are done with the installing and starting the standalone jira, now this is the first time when we start using jira following settings must be done first. These settings are related to administrator settings and jira evaluation. These are self explanatory so screen shots are attached~

Step 1

Here just put the information regarding your product.

Step 2

this is regarding the license evaluation of your jira product. Just click over generating key and you will be navigated to the another page there just register (its free) and generate the key. Copy that key and place that here and continue.

Step 3

This user will be the administrator over this jira product. Fill up the details and continue.

Step 4

If you want the notification to be sent then follow these settings. But if you want this for standalone then i would recommend that make this disable.

Step 5

At this stage the Jira setup is completed and you can now navigate to login page.

Step 6

Use your credentials that you put earlier and you will be into Jira Dashboard~

The Dashboard

Hope this information is helpful for all the readers.


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