Jira Plugin Deployment.

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This is one of the most important tutorial for all the jira developers. You may have heard about the plugins in jira which is a simple Java Archive File with .jar extension. This JAR file contains the class files and auxiliary resources associated with the applications. In Jira we can use Eclipse IDE for writing the plugin and creating its jars.

Once you have done with your code, build the jar of that code. Now first step is to shut down the server so that all the applications using Jira instance stops. This is mandatory so that the new plugin can take effect in each and every functionality to which it is associated. Once you shut down the server paste your required jars in the lib folder of the tomcat server(if using). For example if you use tomcat then go to ->

apache-tomcat -> webapps -> jiradesk -> WEB-INF -> lib

Here in this library folder paste your jar and then restart the server. And the plugin will take effect. These are the simple steps to install and configure your new jira plugin. Also take this in note that once you want to make changes in the plugin same steps should be repeated again since just making changes and saving the plugin wont take effects.

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7 thoughts on “Jira Plugin Deployment.”

  1. Hey Dude,

    One question, if we don’t have jiradesk application in tomcate so how i deployed newly develop jira plugin.


  2. Hi Subodh,

    If you have a standalone Jira instance then you can paste your jar in lib folder under WEB-INF in Jira.
    For e.g.in this case ..JIRA 4.1.2atlassian-jiraWEB-INFlib

    Hope this help you.

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