Installing JIRA Standalone on WIndows XP.

Hello Friends,

This is one of the JIRA related tutorials. To work with jira, the basic thing one should know is how to install it. This installation is related to the Jira Standalone Installation. It is very simple to install jira standalone on windows OS, this deals with the installation on windows XP.

First of all, download the jira installation file from the atlassian site. It is open source and hence free to download. Once the download completes double click the .EXE files and the installation begins. Just follow the instructions and the installation will continue, following are the slides and these are self explanatory~

After this, you have to select the port for jira, so that jira uses the port as default for itself. By default it takes 8080 but if it is already used then just increase the number. Once accepted, installation proceeds.

AT this stage the Jira is installed but not ready for use yet.  These we will see in next tutorial.

Hope this will help.


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