Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) Commands (Part-III).

Hello Friends,

Lets continue with our WSR tutorial.

Following are some of the commands to deal with the correction and updation of the document.

Correction Panel Commands:

Number [NUMBER]

Select [NUMBER]

Click [NUMBER]

Choose [NUMBER]


Selects an item in the correction panel.

Here [NUMBER] is replace by the appropriate digit from 1-9.

Ok” or “Click ok

Confirms that the selection is correct, or to confirm any other action.

Number [NUMBER] ok

Select [NUMBER] ok

Click [NUMBER] ok

Choose [NUMBER] ok


Selects a numbered item and immediately confirm it; you can say the command all at once


Click cancel

Close that


Close panel

Close alternates

Close alternates panel

Cancels the correction panel without making any selection

Spell it

I’ll spell it myself

Tells the computer that you will provide a spelling for the item you want to write on the document.

Spell one

Spell two

Spell three





Spell nine

Provides a spelling for a particular alternate in the correction panel (they are numbered).

Hope this will help you a lot.