Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) Commands (Part-I).

Hello Friends,

This is the important tutorial regarding one of the best features of Windows i.e. Speech Recognition. As you may know windows supports the speech recognition, following are some of the commands used for WSR. This is the first part of the commands dealing with the general use.

Some of the General commands:

1)Start listening” ->Tells WSR to start listening to your commands/dictation.

2)Stop listening” -> Tells WSR to stop listening for your Speech.

3) How do i [TASK NAME]” -> Allows you to  ask a question to your computer. The task name is name of task you want the help of window in Windows. For example, “How do I delete internet cookies?”.

4) Open [APPLICATION NAME]” Or “Start [APPLICATION NAME]” -> Tells WSR to start any application installed on your computer using Speech.

For example, “Open Windows Media Player”

5) Show Speech Recognition Options” Or “Show Speech options” -> Opens the Speech Recognition context menu showing various settings for the application.

Other alternatives you can use are “Open Speech Recognition” , “Show Speech” , “Show Speech Recognition”

6) Restore Speech” Or “Restore Speech Recognition” Or “Maximize Speech” Or

Maximize Speech Recognition” -> Opens the Speech Recognition top level user interface if it’s hidden or minimized.

Similarly you can use commands to hide,

7) Hide Speech” Or “Hide Speech Recognition” Or “Minimize Speech” Or

Minimize Speech Recognition” -> Hides the Speech Recognition top level user interface.

8 ) Move Speech Recognition to top/bottom” -> Moves the Speech Recognition top level user interface to a specified location, or simply alternates between the top and the bottom positions.

9) What can I say” -> Opens a window containing a list of commands you can say.

10) Open/Launch Speech Dictionary” -> Opens the Speech Dictionary where the user can add, remove, or block words for dictation.

Part II of this tutorial will deal with the commands use while using Windows Office. Hope this commands will help you.