Copying Jira workflow from one instance to another instance.

Hello Friends,

This is one of the tutorials for the jira users regarding the jira workflow management. Most of the companies uses Jira as the issue tracking system, and every one has their own workflows. Also, many may have number of instances of Jira itself for various reasons like testing, development etc. So, this is for the jira administrators who creates a workflow for different requirements.

There may be the situation, where we need to create a workflow on one instance similar to that existing on the another instance. In that case what we will do????  Simple,  just create altogether a new workflow on the instance, with all the new Statuses, Step names, transition etc etc…… But, there is alterative and the simple way to COPYing the existing workflow as it is from the other instance and use that, it will take hardly 5 min of yours. Continue reading “Copying Jira workflow from one instance to another instance.”