How to create JIRA Project.

Hello Friends,

Welcome to my tutorial. This tutorial is for all the Jira user starters. All those who are familiar with jira may know about its resources and why it is used on large scale.

In this tutorial I will like to make you understand how to create a jira project in the Jira instance (whichever it may be) at your side.

Step 1) Open the browser window, as per the link provided to you by the server or according to your localhost configuration. Then the Home page will be displayed, this will show all the details about the issues you are currently related to. There on that page there will be the tab of Administration. Click on that tab.

Step 2) Here click on the Add Project link and new page will be opened. Now fill the details as per the requirements.

Add Project

Step 3) Here in some columns some of the default schemes are taken. At start it is advised to use default schemes (but not all time). The schemes changes according to the requirements of the projects, so it can be changed later as per required. This will help in easy understanding.

Once you click the Add button another window will open displaying the current project (we just have created) and its configuration details.

New Project

Step 4) At this stage the project is created successfully. But later if you want to change the configuration or edit them then jira provides you with the option of editing them. You can see them at the bottom of the New project screen. Once you click Edit Project, another window will open with editable text-boxes.

Edit Project

Step 5) Now along with the Edit Button, Delete button is also provided to delete the project. Once you click on Delete link, a new window will get opened and there you will see the option to delete the project. this window will warn you, whether you really want to delete or not and also allow you to first back up it than delete.

Delete Project

This is all we have to do while creation and deletion of the project in JIRA.

Hope this will help you.

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