Default CC in JIRA while issue creation.

Hello Friends,

This is one of my tutorial for Jira users, regarding the scenario to add some specific users in CC by default during the issue creation. As we know that the “CC To” custom field is Jira’s default custom field and this might be used on issue screens for number of projects. So there may be question that, if we add the user in CC for this custom field then wont it be associated with all the issues in which there is CC To field?

Consider the scenario where two projects P1 and P2 have the two different issue types each. Lets say P1 has Request type and P2 has Bug type and both this issue type screen has CC To field. Now in this case how it would be possible if I want to add the default CC for Request Type Issue and not for Bug type.

Don’t panic friends, Jira provides the facility to Add Context to the custom fields i.e. we can select the default values for the custom fields for the different issue types in different Projects.

Lets see how we can do this-

For this login to Jira as admin and go to the administration panel and browse to the page where all Custom Fields are located. There search for the CC To field, there you will see the Configure link, that allows user to configure the custom fields. Once you are on the configuration page, you will see the Add new context link. Click that link.

Now once you clicked on Add new context, another page will appear that contains of three sections-

1) Add configuration scheme context:

It enable the custom field for that particular set of issues and each context can have its own configuration set (e.g. different default values, options). Here you have to add some description and Configuration scheme label regarding this.

2) Choose applicable context for issue type:

This allows you to select the issue type for which you want to add the context. Hence this will enable the custom field for these issues types in the context specified.

Lets, say we select the Request Type Issue.

3) Choose applicable context for particular project:

Here you have to select the particular project in which this configuration will work. Note that there are two radio buttons in which the first option will allow you to add this configuration globally to all projects. Make sure that you select those project which is needful.

Once you clicked Add, a window will open showing the configurations details you added. To add the user to be CCed click on Edit Default Value.

Once you click the Edit Default value button, another window will open where you can set the default value as CC for that particular issue.

Once the default value is set, this user will be present on the issue creation screen as a default, but this is editable i.e. user creating the issue can remove the user from being CC of this issue.

Hope this will help you friends.