Form tag in HTML

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In HTML form tag <form> is used to send the request to the server or for taking user input. The main purpose of the form tag is to handle the data. Everytime we interact with the server, or vice versa, the form tag is responsible for the communication between the two ends. Form tag holds the data from one end and transfers it to another end. If in html, user wants to navigate from one page to another with the current status to be saved or to submit some information or data onto another page then form tag is helpful.

Various attributes can be associated with the form tag. following are some of them.

1) Required Attributes.

The action attribute is the required attribute for any form tag. This attribute tells the form tag, where to navigate or save the contents when action is taken. Here action may differ from the requirement. For example in case where form tag uses submit button then action will be taken when this button is clicked.

2) Optional Attributes:

Following are some of the optional attributes.

3) Standard Attributes.

4)Event Attributes.

Hope this tutorial will help you understand the form tag more clearly.


Nikhil Naoghare.

Web Servers and Web Clients.

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You may have the clear idea about internet and the web sites. This is the thing we use regularly in our day to day life. We use the web sites for various purposes but do we actually know how exactly it works at backend. No problem, this tutorial may help you understand the concept. Consider, we have to visit any site, then what steps we will follow. First of all we will open the browser and then write the name of the site ( Domain Name to be precised 😉 ). Then everything will happen itself. This much we have to do to view ant page on web site. But how actually this happens is because of what we called is web servers and client servers.

A web server is a computer program that delivers the content, such as web pages, using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), over the World Wide Web. The term web server can also refer to the computer or virtual machine running the program. The primary function of a web server is to deliver web pages to clients. This means delivery of HTML documents and any additional content that may be included by a document, such as images, style sheets and JavaScripts.

A Web Server is something that takes the request from the user (Client) and gives him response in required form.

When a user inserts the Domain Name or click on any link on the page then it means that he is requesting the server for that resource. This request is followed by the web server and accordingly it responds  and completes the request by responding to the request positively. Sometime that resource may be a document file, an image or even a media file, web server responds accordingly. Unless the resource is not there or server can’t find it, where it expects to be, the server flashes the user with the error 404, i.e. page not found.

When we say Server then it means either a physically placed machine (hardware) or the Application server (Software). Following image will clarify the things….

Now moving to web client.

Web Client is similar to the user/client. Actually we can say that most of the work of the user is done by web client. Now to communicate with the remote web server the user have to use either of the web browser. Now user cannot directly connect with the server, for doing so he has to use browser. Now this browser takes the user requests and send it to the web server for the response. And these browsers act as the web-clients. In other words we can say that a web-client is the application web browser that performs the tasks according to the user’s request. Following scenario will help you to understand more clearly.

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Abstract Class In JAVA

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This tutorial is for all the Java followers. One of the best feature that is widely used is the term ‘Abstract’. This term can be used as either class or a simple method.

An abstract method is any method that is just declared but not instantiated. In other words one can just create the declaration of the method but cannot write any thing in it to perform at that particular instance. And the class containing even a single abstract method then the class is called as ‘Abstract Class’‘ . To use that particular method one must have to inherit the class ( ‘abstract class’) then it has to be overridden as per required. Continue reading “Abstract Class In JAVA”

JAR File : Java Archive File

Hello friends.

This is one of my tutorials for JAVA learner. All of you must be aware of Java Archive File i.e. JAR file.

Jar file is nothing but the collection of various class files into a single module.

Now one must be thinking that what is the actual need of jar file? Look friends this is not compulsory to create a jar file when we can directly run our code using class file to be interpreted. But what if we want that code to be used by any other person who does not know java or has no knowledge about how to run the java code? In this case we can provide the compressed version of class files into a single module called JAR file. Continue reading “JAR File : Java Archive File”

How to add New Themes in Ubuntu

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Ubuntu is an operating system built by a worldwide team of expert developers. It contains all the applications you need – a web browser, office suite, media apps, instant messaging and much more.Ubuntu is an open-source alternative to Windows and Office.

Now as we are prone to have changes in our look almost everyday in our life we may feel bored using the same theme all over again while using Ubuntu.

But my friend there is no need to worry. Ubuntu provides us with lot of flexibility to add or even create our own themes of our choice.

Its very easy to add new theme into our OS display that may make us feel comfortable while using it. Follow the steps given below to try out new themes.

Step 1) First of all you’ll need to download some themes of your choice. If you have itself then its great otherwise it is free to download. You can follow this link to Download.

Step 2) Once you are finished with downloading save it in particular folder without unpacking it. Now select the System menu on top and click on Preferences -> Appearance.

Step 1
Step 1

Step 3) Select Theme tab and then click Install.

Step 2
Step 2

Step 4) Now browse the folder where the tar.gz file is located. Once the file is opened click Open.

Step 3
Step 3

Step 5) The theme will now be installed. After installation completes a pop-up will appear, that will make sure that the theme is properly installed and ready to use.

Step 4
Step 4

Step 6) Now another pop-up will appear after clicking OK. This will prompt you for applying the recently installed theme, so click Apply New Theme.

Final Step
Final Step

Step 7) Now you are ready to use the services in all new look and feel without any distraction.



Nikhil D. Naoghare.