Google AdSense adds in between post content

How to add “Google AdSense adds in between post content on wordpress”, is one of the most commonly searched term by wordpress bloggers and bloggers who have and AdSense account.

I recently found out one the way to achieve it without actually editing the theme functions or code. Most simple way to do this is to add the content and adsense add snippet simultaneously while writing the post. This way you can manage when and where and what adds will be displayed in between your posts.

See below screenshot of wordpress add new post, there I have added some dummy content and adds snippet at two locations. Most easy way to add the adds is to change your editor to HTML type so that all the formatting will work just fine.

Adsense content in Add New Post
Adsense In Add New Post

Once you publish the post and considering your adds are ready to load(new adds do take some time before working/loading on your sites), you can see something like below if everything is fine.

adsense Add In Posts Sample
adsense Add In Posts Sample

In this way you can add the content within your wordpress blogpost.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Nikhil Naoghare.

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