Editing the Active Workflow in Jira.

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This is one of my tutorials regarding the Jira Workflow. As we know that workflow needs to be changed as per the requirements. Also once the workflow is associated it is in active state. That means no rights to edit the active workflow. But there is an alternative way to do this, rather than creating a new workflow for some little changes and then associating it which I guess is a tedious job. In newer version of Jira , it provides the privilege to create a draft of the active workflow which is like the carbon copy and we can make the changes in this draft and publish it instead of associating. This functionality is provided in the Jira versions 3.13 and above. Earlier there was no such process.

Now lets carry on with how to achieve this.

Step 1 ) First of all go to the administration panel and search out for the workflow in which you want to edit the changes. Lets take the example as below.

Active Workflow

Here you can see that the workflow is active and hence there is the option to create the draft. Click on this and you will be navigated to another page.

There you can make the necessary changes whether to delete the transition step or add, we will consider for adding a transition step.

Step 2) Here we will add one transition as “Added Step”.

Add Step

Once added you can see the step added in the workflow. In this case~

Added Step

Step 3) Now once you are done with the changes you can replace the old one with this draft by publishing this new workflow draft. For this see the upper panel on the same page, where you will see the Publish and View option.

Create Draft

Step 4) Now when you click on the Publish button another window will open that will ask for the confirmation. Also it will ask you whether you want the backup of the old workflow. For best practice always use this option so that in future if you need to restore the old worflow then you will have it.

Publish the Draft

Step 5) Once you clicked publish button, the changes will appear in the Project without the association of the project. For confirmation you can view the workflow page where you can see the difference.

Final workflow

This is really time saving and also provides the safety regarding data loss.

Hope this is helpful.



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