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Welcome. This is my new blog about one of the coolest service provided by the “Google”. Many of you may have idea about how a personal site or a blog can help someone to keep his own documents and information intact and can have access to them anywhere anytime. But how often we like to pay for the Domain Name and to host them. But if we want that site to be just ours than what, expending for such a thing is just waste. So if you want to create your own blog or site then Google provides you the source. This doesn’t require any expenses, what is needed for this is just an Gmail account. If you have your own gmail account then you can create your own site/ blog for free. Along with this google also provides various free design templates to use with your site. So all those are interested in creating their own site for free then here’s the right place.

Step 1) Login to gmail with your own credentials. Once you are logged in then go to and there you will see the home page asking you to create a Google Site of your own.

Step 2) Now you can see that your gmail address is shown at the top of the window, this ensures that a site is created for the logged in person. Now click on Create  site button, then another window will appear which will ask for the look and feel of the site.

Step 3) You can enhance the look by using some of the default templates, along with that google also provides some themes that can make the site look cool as per your want. You can click the options to change the theme.

Step 4) Along with that you can manage the view permissions on your site my allowing it as public or making it private.

Then follow the instructions as mentioned on the page like filling the code etc.

Step 5) After doing that click on the create button and another window will appear. This window will show you your Google Site. There may be some default settings and text, that can be changed using edit option.

Step 6) Now to change or add the pages onto your site there is option at the top-right corner of the window. There are two options Create page and Edit page.  Now to create new page click on the create page tab and a new window will open. Fill the details as prompted and the page will be added to your site.

A new window may look like as–

Once you click on create page button you will see the new page. As per this example the page will look like as follows.

You can also attach some files such as docs, ppts, images, pdf etc. Also if the page is made public then if the viewer likes any page then he/she can comment on that.

Step 8 ) Similarly we can edit the existing page as per our requirements.Lets see the example.

Besides these there are many other options we can use to enhance the site. Google sites also provides various help tips itself on all the pages. Once you started using this you will get many options for the same. Hope this will help you in many ways.


Nikhil Naoghare.

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