Adding Custom Tabs in Jira.

Hello Friends,

This is one of my tutorials regarding the enhancement in the Jira application. There are limited number to tabs in the Jira Application, but what if we need to add or change the tabs in the application. Its really very simpl, we need to add a short snippet in the existing code of Jira.

The snippet is the simple xml code that needs to be added in the existing atlassain plugin, the plugin we need to make the changes is named as “system-top-navigation-plugin.xml”. It can be found in the system folder /webapp/WEB-INF/classes. The code snippet is as follows, just copy and paste this into the xml file.

Where, action.jsp is the action page where all the contents for New Tab can be written.

The new tab will be displayed after the Administration tab something like:-
Hope this will help.

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