Selenium script to add Custom Field Options in JIRA.

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This is one of my tutorials regarding the use of Selenium script in the Jira Configuration. Most of the Jira users may know about the Cascading Type of the Custom fields, there we need to add multiple options against the single one. Now, doing this configuration manual y is really a time consuming job. So, to avoid this, we can use the Selenium Script. All the manual work will be replaced by a single script and it will do everything for you in a very less time.

To use this script you need to have some basic knowledge of the Selenium IDE. I have explained the same in my previous articles, please go through it before implementing this. Here, we will be reading the custom fields options from the simple xml file, where the first Option will represent the Main Category and the remaining will be its sub-categories. The XML file will be as:

The folder structure is explained in the previous article.

Now, we need to add the java file which also includes the code to read the data from XML along with the Selenium script code. You can get the code using the Selenium IDE from Firefox too. I have already discussed this in my articles earlier.

Following is the java code for adding the Options to custom field.

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