Sorting Arrays in Java

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This is the tutorial for all my java followers. We all must be familiar with arrays and sorting arrays.

Here is a small but very useful tip that every Java programmer should be aware of. Have you ever tried sorting arrays in Java? Well, java.util.Arrays class has built in method to make your job easy. You can use following method to sort any array in Java. Continue reading “Sorting Arrays in Java”

Abstract Class In JAVA

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This tutorial is for all the Java followers. One of the best feature that is widely used is the term ‘Abstract’. This term can be used as either class or a simple method.

An abstract method is any method that is just declared but not instantiated. In other words one can just create the declaration of the method but cannot write any thing in it to perform at that particular instance. And the class containing even a single abstract method then the class is called as ‘Abstract Class’‘ . To use that particular method one must have to inherit the class ( ‘abstract class’) then it has to be overridden as per required. Continue reading “Abstract Class In JAVA”

JAR File : Java Archive File

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This is one of my tutorials for JAVA learner. All of you must be aware of Java Archive File i.e. JAR file.

Jar file is nothing but the collection of various class files into a single module.

Now one must be thinking that what is the actual need of jar file? Look friends this is not compulsory to create a jar file when we can directly run our code using class file to be interpreted. But what if we want that code to be used by any other person who does not know java or has no knowledge about how to run the java code? In this case we can provide the compressed version of class files into a single module called JAR file. Continue reading “JAR File : Java Archive File”