Selenium script to add Custom Field Options in JIRA.

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This is one of my tutorials regarding the use of Selenium script in the Jira Configuration. Most of the Jira users may know about the Cascading Type of the Custom fields, there we need to add multiple options against the single one. Now, doing this configuration manual y is really a time consuming job. So, to avoid this, we can use the Selenium Script. All the manual work will be replaced by a single script and it will do everything for you in a very less time.

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Selenium Script to add users in JIRA.

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This is one of the tutorials for Jira users who can use the Selenium script as an automation for adding the users in jira and updating the groups of the users. As you may know, adding the users in jira is a manual effort, and is a kind of repetitive task, so its always a ease to automate the repetitive work. Selenium is the one of the best alternative for removing the repetitive actions.

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Selenium Script for Java using Eclipse.

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This is one of my tutorials regarding the use of Selenium IDE for testing and automation purpose. Most of the users who are in Testing field, they may know about this. But for those who are newbies, this will be a helpful tip. Selenium IDE is a Firefox add-on that allows the user to copy or record the actions one perform on the browser, it also allows the user to Playback the same multiple times. This is why it is used as the testing tools. It allows the user to generate a language specific code to run the tests with Selenium Remote Control. It itself is a vast topic, so we will be discussing it on short terms. For now, we will first learn how to use this tool for testing and automation. Continue reading “Selenium Script for Java using Eclipse.”

JSP Redirection from a Servlet.

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This tutorial is regarding the jsp redirection from a Servlet to a another jsp page. Most of you may need to redirect the user to a jsp page being on the servlet page. This tutorial will help you. There are two ways to achieve this, we will discuss them both.

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Servlet program using Eclipse IDE.

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This tutorial is regarding development of Servlet program using Eclipse IDE. Eclipse IDE is very popularly used for development of various web based and java applications. Servlet applications are very easily developed using the eclipse IDE. Following are the simple steps for the same.

Step 1) Open the Eclipse IDE and set the Perspective to Java EE (if not set by default). Continue reading “Servlet program using Eclipse IDE.”

Hiding the wiki rendered customfield using javascript in JIRA 4.3.+

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This is one of the tutorials under jira development. There may be requirement when you need to use the wiki rendered custom field instead of Free Text rendered field. Also, sometimes you may need such fields to be shown only when certail criteria are matched. So in this case you need to hide those fields by default so that the normal user cannot view or edit the field. This tutorial demonstrates how the field can be hidden from the screen. Continue reading “Hiding the wiki rendered customfield using javascript in JIRA 4.3.+”

Life Cycle of the Servlet.

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This is one of my tutorials on Servlet. As we all know, servlets are managed by the web container and among the various responsibilities of the container, life cycle of servlet is the most important one. The life cycle defines that how the servlet is loaded, instantiated and initialized, how it handles requests from clients and how it is taken out of service. The servlet’s life cycle methods are defined in the javax.servlet.Servlet interface which is implemented by every Servlet class by extending the abstract classes – “GenericServlet or HttpServlet”. Continue reading “Life Cycle of the Servlet.”

URL Mapping in Servlets.

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This is one of the interesting tutorials regarding the URL Mapping in Servlets. The thing which makes this interesting is that, the URL that one click on the browser is not the real one but still it displays the result on his interest. This is no magic but the advantage of Servlet that avoids the direct linking to the actual page for the client.

The URL comes within the Servlet Request whenever the link is clicked (or the Submit button is clicked or similar event that navigates the browser to a new page). Now, the question is that How Container knows which url should be mapped with the response. The answer for this is present in the Deployment Descriptor or DD. Continue reading “URL Mapping in Servlets.”